Prevent Nurse Burnout

Vantage’s Solutions for Nurse Burnout  

Recent studies have confirmed that burnout among nurses is a high risk in healthcare facilities. 34.1% of nurses have experienced emotional exhaustion over the past few years. Higher stress levels have also been prevalent due to staffing shortages in healthcare facilities. Numerous variables can cause staff exhaustion. Causes include but are not limited to poor work-life balance, understaffed facilities, and lack of support and communication. Our years of experience in healthcare have helped us create solutions that are best fit to prevent nurse burnout. Vantage take’s pride in giving our nurses the foundation they need to succeed.

Strong Support Network

Each workday can bring new triumphs and challenges. As a nurse, it is essential to have a support system for not only the bad days but also the good ones. Everyone needs a safe place to vent, more importantly, someone that understands what difficulties you may face in the workplace. Luckily, Vantage has a great network of qualified and experienced nurses that can support and validate frustrations that inevitably arise. Also, having a good support system outside of work that you are able to lean on, is a bonus to prevent nurse burnout.

Professional Boundaries

Work-life balance is something everyone is trying to achieve in their careers. It is vital to create a separation between our personal and professional lives. Try to leave any work frustrations or challenges you may have faced that day at the facility. It may sound easier said than done. However, it can make all the difference in your personal life, allowing you to be more present and active outside of work. Furthermore, it would be best to communicate feeling stressed and overworked to leadership. Managers and directors are employed to look out for the staff’s best interest and to relieve the feelings of burnout. 

Prevent Nurse Burnout with Self Care

Taking time off, getting a good night’s rest, and spending time with loved ones are all forms of self-care. When working in a high-stress environment, it is crucial to implement self-care. Getting caught up in the eat, sleep, work, and repeat life cycle is easy. Which is why setting time aside to do a fun activity or stay in to relax, is key to burnout prevention. Additionally, mental health is just as important as physical health. Taking time for a mental break can help rejuvenate the mind and prevent work exhaustion.

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