Personality Traits That Make a Great Caregiver

Thinking About Becoming A Caregiver?

Caregiving is a gratifying career, but it requires specific traits to yield success in the field. Here are a few traits Vantage Staffing Solutions seeks out in a qualified caregiver candidate.

Caregivers Are Personable 

Outgoing personalities are highly sought after when it comes to caregivers. Often, ill or elderly residents don’t get the chance to socialize. As their caregiver, you may be the only human interaction they receive; hence why it is essential, you can engage with residents beyond their immediate care. Caregivers should expect to get-to-know their residents and have an approachable attitude. Personable caregivers bring joy to the facility or home that may be lacking in their lives. If you bring out smiles and love to spread TLC, consider a career as a caregiver. Bringing positivity and cheer to residents is a bonus to an already rewarding career. 

Caregivers Are Patient

Have you ever heard the saying “Patience is Virtue”? The quote rings especially true when speaking of caregivers. Occasionally, caregivers encounter challenging residents. A patient caregiver can remain calm and still fulfill their job duties on tough days, making a patient caregiver a valuable team member. The right caregiver will understand that challenges come with the territory and the importance of working through frustrations. A majority of residents that need caregiving are seniors. It may take them longer for them to walk across the room or to give an answer to your question. Instead of adding to their frustration, be an outlet for them to express their feelings and help them through whatever challenges they may face.

Caregivers Are Detail Oriented

Medications, allergies, and various personal preferences must be considered for residents needing care. As a caregiver, you are responsible for paying attention to these details so that the resident has the best care possible. Additionally, caregivers must observe the resident’s health in all aspects. The caregiver must report any changes the resident may be experiencing mentally or physically. It takes someone attentive to notice these changes, whether obvious or subtle. Therefore, it is essential to be observant and detail-oriented as a caregiver to ensure the resident receives the medical attention they need.

Caregivers are Compassionate

Having compassion is an essential trait that makes a great caregiver. Clients can have difficulties coming to terms with the fact that they need help with their health and well-being. Clients welcome you into their homes when they are at their most vulnerable. Other residents could also struggle to accept illness or grow older. It is the caregiver’s job to show kindness to their clients during these challenges they may be facing. Being compassionate doesn’t end with the client. It would be best if you extended the same grace to your team members. Showing your co-workers compassion can look like giving advice about a shared client or lending an ear to listen to their challenges.

About Vantage Medical Staffing

Vantage understands the important role that nurses and caregivers play in providing quality care. We are dedicated to providing the right staff to meet our client’s needs.If the above sounds like you, consider applying for a caregiver position today, at Vantage Medical Staffing. We offer our staff schedule flexibility, self-scheduling, top pay, 24/7 support, and credential monitoring. Join our Vantage team!

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